Shipping Policies

SHAWE articles, being delicately crafted pieces for each of our clients, can take 15 to 30 days to make, so that the client will be notified within the first 15 days of making their purchase, regardless of the shipping time that will run through the company chosen for this service.

When making the purchase the customer is accepting these terms and conditions.

The pieces must be paid in full as well as the payment of the shipment at the time of making the purchase order.

The photography of the product is not contractual, the colors can have different tonality in different screens of computer or in impressions of printer, as well as the image always can vary a little of the reality. Some items may appear a bit larger or smaller than their actual size due to the screen configuration and photographic technique. Other items can be represented in a size larger than their actual size in order to clearly show the details, or smaller than their actual size, in order to show the full article.

When making a personalized piece, the client agrees with the procedures, terms and conditions that are indicated in the format that can be downloaded from the web and can be sent by any type of electronic communication and / or written.

The shipment to the customer is a service external to us which is the responsibility of the parcel service if the merchandise is lost or damaged.

The customer will pay with the payment of the same merchandise, the payment will be shown and will be done at the moment of making the total payment of the merchandise on the websites.

Tax payments and any additional payment that must be made in each country will be borne by the buyer according to its rules and laws.

In the case of wanting to send us parts to maintenance as well as changes (within the return policies) the shipping costs will be borne entirely by the customer.

Any comments, complaints and suggestions should be sent to our address where you will be treated as soon as possible.

At the time of sending the goods to the customer will be sent to your email provided by this at the time of purchase, the guide number that may be different from the order number.

To cancel an order, it is necessary to make it in the first 12 hours after the payment is made, otherwise it will not be possible to cancel after this time and the merchandise will be sent.

In case you want to make a change and your order has already been delivered: No changes will be accepted if the guarantee seal is broken and / or the part is not in good condition and / or the piece has signs of use and / or no It comes in the original packaging. He sent will run on behalf of the client, the piece and the case will be studied to determine if it complies with our exchange terms, if accepted the change will be notified by email to the customer himself who will receive a coupon for the value of the piece in At the time of purchase, this can be used in your next purchase on our websites, shopify or Etsy said coupon will not include the shipping amount.