• To protect your jewelry remember to take the off everytime you exercise, shower, swim and other activities that can scratch them.
  • Keep them away from direct sunlight, high temperatures and humidity.


To clean

  • To clean your jewelry pieces use only water, certified products for the type of metal of your jewelry. (gold cleaner or sterling silver).

  • Verify that your jewelry is complete free of the cleaner before wearing it.


About gemstones and pearls

  • In case that your jewelry has gemstones, we recommend only the use of water to clean them as well as specialized cleaners to gemstones to avoid damage or discoloration.

  • Use only untreated cloth to clean pearls and porous gemstones.

  • Natural gems can change color over time and other factors.

  • Remember that the pieces that are plated can be losing that layer because of your ph, use among other elements.

  • Only use polish cloth for jewelry, the use other materials as tissues can scratch and damage your jewelry.

  • Avoid putting products like sun screen, cream, oils, perfume among others with your jewelry on.

  • Its important to check periodically the threading pearls as well as the assembly of gemstones and crystals.


About tarnish

  • Our sterling silver jewelry pieces are protected with an anti tarnish layer, this can eventually will be gone so we recommend use special silver products to clean them. 



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